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Fully Coated Gloves Manufacturer

Amsafe’s Fully Coated Gloves are meticulously designed to provide total hand protection, regardless of the task at hand. Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, or heavy industry, these gloves ensure your hands are shielded from a wide range of workplace hazards.

Experience wonderful control, exceptional dexterity, and all-day comfort with Amsafe’s gloves. Their ergonomic design allows you to work confidently, handling various materials and tools with ease, making them the perfect choice for demanding tasks.

Benefit from Amsafe’s more than 10 years of industry expertise and our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards. Our Fully Coated Gloves are the trusted choice for B2B clients worldwide. Join distributors, agents, and retailers who rely on Amsafe for top-tier hand safety solutions.

Discover the superior protection and craftsmanship of Amsafe’s Fully Coated Gloves today. Contact us for samples and efficient delivery. Trust in Amsafe to safeguard your hands and enhance your performance in challenging work environments!

Explore our nitrile fully coated gloves, offering complete hand protection against liquids and chemicals. Perfect for industrial and chemical handling applications.

Choose our latex fully coated work gloves for excellent grip and durability. These gloves are suitable for construction, manufacturing, and general labor tasks.


Discover our PVC fully coated safety gloves, known for their resistance to oils, acids, and abrasions. Ideal for heavy-duty tasks, such as oil and gas industry work.

Comprehensive Hand Protection: Amsafe Fully Coated Gloves

Amsafe takes your safety seriously, and that’s why our Fully Coated Gloves offer unmatched hand protection. These gloves are designed with a focus on providing total hand coverage, ensuring every inch of your hands remains safeguarded from potential hazards.

Amsafe Fully Coated Gloves deliver total hand coverage, from fingertips to wrists. They are your reliable shield against a variety of workplace hazards, including liquids, chemicals, and abrasive materials. No need to worry about potential exposure when you have every part of your hands protected. Our gloves are not just fully coated; they’re also waterproof and resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

This combination ensures that your hands stay dry and secure, making these gloves the ideal choice for tasks involving exposure to liquids and chemicals. With a textured surface, our fully coated gloves provide an exceptional grip, even in wet or oily conditions.

Waterproof and Chemical Resistance: Amsafe Fully Coated Gloves

Amsafe’s fully coated gloves excel in providing waterproof and chemical resistance, offering distinct advantages crucial for various industrial and professional tasks. Amsafe Fully Coated Gloves are designed to keep your hands dry and secure, even when exposed to wet or damp conditions. This waterproof feature is essential for tasks involving liquids, water, or damp environments. It ensures that your hands remain comfortable, reducing the risk of skin issues caused by prolonged exposure to moisture.

Our fully coated gloves are crafted to resist a wide range of chemicals, making them ideal for industries where exposure to hazardous substances is common. They act as a protective barrier between your skin and potentially harmful chemicals, ensuring your safety and minimizing the risk of skin irritation or burns.

What are coated gloves?

Coated gloves denote work gloves that bear a slender layer of substance, such as latex, nitrile, polyurethane, or PVC, affixed to the palm and/or fingertips. This coating imparts extra grip, protection, and longevity to the gloves.

What are coated gloves used for?

Coated gloves find their application in a multitude of tasks and industries, encompassing construction, manufacturing, automotive, assembly work, and general handling. They proffer enhanced grip, resistance to abrasion, and defense against specific perils.

Quin és el millor recobriment per als guants?

The optimal coating for gloves hinges upon the precise task and the kind of safeguard required. Nitrile and latex coatings are frequently employed for general-purpose grip and resistance to chemicals, while polyurethane coatings bestow outstanding dexterity and tactile sensitivity.

Què és millor, els guants de poliuretà o de nitril?

The selection between polyurethane and nitrile gloves is contingent upon the application. Nitrile gloves hold an advantage in terms of chemical resistance and longevity, whereas polyurethane-coated gloves provide superior dexterity and sensitivity for tasks necessitating fine motor skills.

Do nitrile gloves have a coating?

Nitrile gloves are seldom categorized as coated gloves. Composed entirely of nitrile rubber, these gloves proffer resistance towards chemicals, puncture, and abrasion. However, they may feature a textured grip pattern on their surface.

Els guants de nitril estan recoberts?

Nitrile gloves, in themselves, are uncoated; they may, however, feature a textured surface to bolster grip. Conversely, coated gloves possess a distinct layer of coating applied to the glove material.

How do you wash coated gloves?

Coated gloves can be washed following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Typically, they can be hand washed with mild soap and water and air-dried. Avoid using harsh chemicals or high heat, as they can damage the coating.

Which is safer, nitrile or vinyl gloves?

Nitrile gloves are generally considered safer than vinyl gloves for most applications. Nitrile gloves offer superior chemical resistance and durability compared to vinyl gloves.

Which gloves are better: vinyl, latex, or nitrile?

The decision amongst vinyl, latex, and nitrile gloves hinges on the specific task at hand and the properties desired. Nitrile gloves are often favored for their superior resistance to chemicals, latex for its comfort and fit, and vinyl for its cost-effectiveness.

Quant duren els guants de nitril?

The durability of nitrile-dipped gloves may fluctuate based on elements such as glove quality, usage frequency, and the type of labor involved. Generally, well-preserved nitrile-dipped gloves can endure for a period spanning several months to potentially over a year.

Are polyurethane gloves safe?

Polyurethane-coated gloves are safe to use for a wide range of applications. They are known for their excellent dexterity and tactile sensitivity while providing some protection against abrasion and oil.

When should you wear rubber-coated gloves?

Gloves enveloped in rubber, such as those coated in nitrile or latex, are appropriate for tasks necessitating a formidable grip, defence against minor abrasions, and resistance to specific chemicals. They frequently find use in the manufacturing and automotive sectors.

Are nitrile-coated gloves good?

Nitrile-coated gloves exhibit remarkable versatility and confer excellent grip, resistance to chemicals, and protection from abrasions. They are apt for an extensive range of applications and are viewed as suitable gloves for a multitude of tasks.

What is the difference between nitrile and latex gloves?

Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber and offer resistance to chemicals and latex allergies. Latex gloves are made from natural rubber latex and provide good fit and tactile sensitivity but can cause allergies in some individuals.

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