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Are glove suppliers on Alibaba International reliable? Four reasons revealing the truth

Are glove suppliers found on Alibaba International reliable? Actually, they are not entirely reliable, and here are several reasons:

Low entry barrier for glove suppliers on Alibaba International

Becoming a glove supplier on Alibaba International has a very low entry barrier, requiring only around $7,000 to open a basic account. However, in order to receive inquiries from customers, each glove supplier on Alibaba International needs to spend at least $10,000 to $200,000 annually. Especially for those ranked in special booths and featured on the homepage, additional advertising and sponsorship fees need to be paid. These costs will eventually be added to the quotations given to customers.


Issues with factory audit videos of glove suppliers

Most of the factory audit videos provided by glove suppliers are filmed in other factories. Alibaba does not verify or set standards during video shooting process which makes it difficult to confirm whether these factories belong to businesses operating under the platform of Alibaba. Many Chinese safety gloves factories are located in remote villages far away from cities and lack resources such as foreign language sales representatives. Therefore, they do not have independent export rights nor do they have the energy or manpower required for platforms like Alibaba.

Discrepancy between sales figures displayed and actual transaction fees

Many sales figures displayed by glove supplier merchants on Alibaba do not reflect actual transaction fees made through the platform. As transaction fees are linked with rankings, many merchants purchase transactions in order to improve their product rankings which distorts the authenticity of actual sales figures.

Use of virtual bank accounts

When purchasers make payments towards glove suppliers through the platform of Alibaba International Station, funds are not directly transferred into real Chinese bank accounts but instead sent into NRA virtual accounts established in Singapore that consist of numerous sub-virtual accounts shared among hundreds of thousands of Alibaba merchants collectively using them together.This raises concerns about the security of these virtual accounts.

Searching for glove suppliers on Alibaba International carries certain risks and unreliability. To ensure safety and reliability, it is recommended that purchasers seek other reliable channels or approaches to avoid potential risks and losses.

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